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Placement Process

Step 1

The company shares the Job Description with the Placement Committee with other relevant details via email to LNCT.ac.in

Step 2

Student's Registration process based on their interest in the JD

Step 3

Sharing CVs of the concerned students and consolidated profile sheets with the Company

Step 4

The company sends a shortlist of students and the Recruitment Process details to the Placement Office

Step 5

The company conducts a preplacement Talk to provide information regarding themselves and other details including roles and profiles

Step 6

Confirmation & Acknowledgment by the student

Step 7

Receipt of Offer Letter from the Company

Step 8

Freezing candidature of the concerned candidate for the Company by the Placement Committee

Step 9

The company completes its selection process and announces the final results

Step 10

Conducting Campus Selection Processes (Test / GD / Case Studies / PL)

Over the years, the training and placement cell has consistently worked towards making the recruitment process a hassle-free affair for both the recruiters and the students. The scheduling of the selection process termed as the slot, is indicated to the recruiting organization. The institute also has a dream slot policy. Medi-Caps University prides itself on being digitally savvy and has conducted many of the interview processes digitally as well. The institute does not follow the practice of placement/participation fees.

Placement Calendar

Placement Calendar

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