1. SAE BAJA 2016 is being arranged by LNCT Group of Colleges Indore from 16 Feb to 23 Feb 2016. For smooth functioning of events the details instructions are issued in succeeding paragraph:-


There is requirement to co-ordinates transport for visiting students from all part of India. The following faculty members/staff have been assigned as transport coordinators:-

Coordinators  Designation Mob. No.
Er. Ashok Gupta Asso. Prof. LNCTS 9425010901
Er. Jitendra Jayant Asso. Prof. LNCT 9827239139
Er. Mrigendra Singh Asst. Prof. LNCT 9630160002
Er. Ramesh Kumar Asst. Prof. LNCT 9905432313
Mrs. A. Bala Jayant Asst. Prof. LNCTS 9179616225
Er. Sunny Mugdhal Lecturer 9669023664
Mr. Mukesh Ahirwar Lab Tech. 9926056319

The co-ordinators are required to keep their mobile in `ON`condition from 06:00 AM till 11:00 PM during duration of entire event. They are required to provide their proper guidance to participating student in their respective route. In case any problem encountered by them in transport they may contact shri Bhaiya lal Mishra Transport officer or shri R S Tomar for necessary assistance.


On line examination is scheduled to be held at LNCT Indore for participating student on 16 Feb. The CSE faculty and staff will be required to conduct on line Exam. They are required to reach college by 08:00 AM. However staff residing at Ujjain/Dewas may reach by 09:00 Hours. Additionally faculty members from ME will also be required as volientires for maintaining discipline among students and providing guidance in the college. They will be also be required to coordinate activities at college auditorium. Additionally faculty form EC Department are required to co-ordinate for providing B/F lunch for visiting delegates / HR heads at LNCT.

(c)  HR Meet 
              The HR Meet for participating students will be held on 22 Feb and 23 Feb              at LNCT and will be co-ordinated by Sawan Jaiswal TPO LNCTS & Biplb Dey       form LNCT. They will also be over all coordinater during entire event. Any person  facing in difficulty are to liease with them for instructions/guidance
Sawan- 9302375066
Biplb-  8878339258
All Principals are required to cooperate and motivate all faculty members in order to make this event successful.
(M. P. Verma)
ED- HR & Admin