NAAC Notice 1-


Date 14/01/2016

It is a mandatory requirement to maintain Course File by each faculty member himself /herself for assessment and accreditation by NAAC team when they visit.

Following persons are made responsible to see that work is done precisely and in time.

S.No. Name Responsible for the department
1 Er. Jitendra Jayant ME & AU
2 Er.Harish Patidar CS & IT
3 Er. Ashutosh Kashiv EC & EX
4 Miss.Sheetal Jain BSH
5 Mr. Prashant Rao MBA

They arc assigned to guide all faculty members to maintain Course File and see that it is done. They are directed to visit departments regularly or they may fix a day for the department allotted to carry out this additional duty on priority basis.

All HODs are requested to co-operate them and see that their faculty members follow the instructions. It is very important to keep everybody in readiness to face visit of NAAC team from Bangalore.


(Dr U. C. Jha)                                                                         (Dr A. K. Sinha)

Principal                                                                                 Group Advisor Academics