One day industrial visit at Pitampur industrial area by students of Rishiraj College Of Pharmacy, Indore .  Students of B Pharm first year students along with Dr.R.K.Nema principal/ director  and  two faculty members Mr.Ankur Joshi and Mr.Vikas Jain Assistant Professor went on an industrial visit. The students visited PIRAMAL HEALTH CARE and GLENMARK for first hand experience of the pharmaceutical manufacturing units. The industrial visit, thus met its purpose by giving the students the opportunity to learn through observation needed for budding pharmacists. The day the students spent attending the industrial visit was both enjoyable and useful. Industrial visit offers opportunities for all the students to interact on a consistent basis with Industries. All members visited tablet, capsule, parenteral, air and water control, quality control and quality assurance sections. The unit was fully automatic unit which have a capacity to produce 2-5 lakh tablets/day and 230 injections/minute. The sections shown by the company are approved sections by World Health Organization for good manufacturing practices (WHO-GMP). General manager operations also informed that the process of unit from approved from united state food and drug administration (USFDA). The general manager production of the Piramal Heath Care described student how ophthalmic preparation are prepared in the industries from receiving of raw material to the dispatch of the material to market. They also said most of the product we are preparing are for US market. They described about the process of receiving raw material and then how the raw material is selected for the preparation of product,. They briefly described about IPQC process, QA QC, Manufacturing packaging labeling processes.
The general manger production of Glenmark pharmaceutical describe about how the solid oral dosage form are being prepared in the industry the briefly described about the manufacturing process from receiving of raw material, approval of raw material, dispensing of raw material, mixing of material for formulation, granulation, drying, and punching of tablets then about packing and labeling